1. Antonio #sundaysomewhere #cateyes #noelspirandelli


  2. Johnny


  3. natgeofound:

    A teacher and a deaf student practice making sounds in front of mirror at the Clarke School for the Deaf in Massachusetts, March 1955.
    Photograph by Willard Culver, National Geographic

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  4. Dad getting it, son not feeling it. 


  5. Tourist 


  6. BIG FOUR - Nevada 


  7. Dixon, CA


  8. Dixon, CA


  9. Utah


  10. Driving away from home


  11. sepehrzamani:


    clement oladipo. back lip. manhattan, nyc. 2014.

    So good.


  12. Carlos and dad


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     Gueorgui Pinkhassov 

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  14. Pool time


  15. CLASSIC!!!!! - DJ Neil Armstrong

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