1. Utah


  2. Driving away from home


  3. sepehrzamani:


    clement oladipo. back lip. manhattan, nyc. 2014.

    So good.


  4. Carlos and dad


  5. lapetitecole:

     Gueorgui Pinkhassov 

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  6. Pool time


  7. CLASSIC!!!!! - DJ Neil Armstrong

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  8. Dixon, CA


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  10. amyharrity:

    hi photo friends. as some of you may know i had a really dumb injury last month that has given me very limited access to my right hand/wrist/arm. with all this new free time on my hands i’ve been trying to get creative with things i can do to keep busy that isn’t shooting (heartbreaking for real). printing has been on the top of my list and i’ve decided to release of limited run of prints.

    buy some, don’t buy some, message me and say hi, send me beyonce tickets, whatever you think is appropriate <3


    prints are up for sale on big cartel. 8.5x11 or 13x19 except for the smoking shot because i don’t like it big.

    Talented photographer .. Buy her prints!


  11. Gustine, CA


  12. ladies and umbrellas 


  13. Nevada


  14. Found some old photos I took back when I lived in NYC running around with my RZ


  15. Alex - blue gel